Do I have a failed root canal? 

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I had a root canal done on a premolar in January and everything s been great until two days ago when my teeth started to ache on my right side near my root canal. (I currently don t have a crown yet on my root canal due to financial reasons.) could I have a fracture? But wouldn t I have pain when chewing?
It does not hurt to bite down or brush and I can eat perfectly fine! Also, None of my teeth hurt when I touch or tap them with my finger nails. My gums look healthy and fine, but they bleed a bit when I brush.
All my wisdom teeth are in but they don t look too good in terms of health :/ never had them pulled.
What could be causing this horrible tooth pain? I can t locate it! Could it be a failed root canal ? Please help ! And thank you very much !

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City: Boynton Beach, FL

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